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From corporate administration to private placements, private share transactions, shareholder updates, and more – including customized platforms – Greenhill has mastered efficient, effective shareholder management services.

Secure, reliable, and efficient, Greenhill systems are shareholder management for 21st century companies.

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Private Placements

Greenhill simplifies the documentation process for investment offerings.

  1. Shareholders seeking to participate in Issuer financings can access a virtual link to the subscription.
  2. Either using a smartphone or laptop, the investor completes their registration and address details online.
  3. The Greenhill system only presents the forms relevant to the shareholder.
  4. The system also prompts for e-signatures and initials, where applicable, and the completed document is returned to a Greenhill customer services representative for review.
  5. Upon approval, the client receives a PDF copy of their subscription and wiring instructions.
  6. Once their funds have been lodged and the offering is closed, the shareholder receives a counter-signed PDF document for their files.
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Corporate Administration

Greenhill platforms are designed to handle virtual AGMs, proxy votes, Board minutes and resolutions, warrants and options tracking, and other administrative functions.

Shareholder Updates

Shareholders can virtually access their registration and contact details and Greenhill can forward the updates to the applicable transfer agent or Issuer management team

Private Share Transactions

Private share transactions are often difficult and slow to complete due to costly share transfer fees, complicated document requirements and the inability to match prospective buyers with sellers.

Greenhill has developed digital platforms to streamline equity transfers for both parties.  Physical paperwork is also greatly reduced or eliminated by utilizing the digital availability of e-signatures and virtual document exchange process.

Greenhill can also act as a third party and offer anonymity between the buyer and seller.  We can also offer our escrow services to hold funds in trust until both parties have completed share transfer process.

Most transfers can be completed in days instead of months.


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